Unlock the Full Potential of your Enterprise Application !


A combination of technical skills and many years of experience in Oracle eBusiness Suite (Oracle Apps) Applications has placed us in a strong position to provide Implementation and Live Production Support through our Oracle Apps DBA services. BrightStar’s Oracle certified DBAs understand the distinctions of Oracle Apps’ complex architecture – its multiple tiers, databases, and client components very well.

BrightStar also posses functional expertise in all modules of Oracle Apps for various domains and our developers can customize the Oracle eBusiness suite applications to match your business specific needs. Our range of niche Oracle DBA services include:

(1) Oracle Apps Installation :
Oracle eBusiness suite application is enormous, with many modules and numerous features. Its installation involves tremendous resource planning, license considerations, application features suitable for your business needs, and so on. Wrong decisions or planning will lead to major irrevocable costs. BrightStar’s Oracle eBusiness suite application specialists ensure that your Oracle Apps installation is seamless, well oiled, and designed for your needs. Call us today for a feasibility study, on Oracle Apps installation for your business.

(2) Oracle Apps Maintenance :
As Oracle Apps DBA service providers, we are proficient in daily administration activities and quick resolution of complex application issues. This proficiency is the result of our sound experience in Oracle eBusiness Suite applications, resulting in quality maintenance service for your Oracle Apps. Contact us for more info.

(3) Oracle Apps Performance Tuning :
As part of the system management, our Oracle Apps DBA service cover performance analysis and provides application performance tuning in all parts of the Oracle Apps architecture – Operating System, Database, Middle Tier Server components (Apache, Forms, Concurrent Managers and so on). As a result, the application response time is optimized and the resources are accessed and allocated efficiently. Contact us to know more about our Oracle DBA services.

(4) Oracle Apps System Administration :
BrightStar offers L1 support for Oracle eBusiness Suite applications. These support tasks are performed by our DBAs through diagnostic tools, administration, load balancing, access management, and security. As part of our Oracle DBA services, we also provide dedicated Oracle Apps System Administrator which is preferred by many of our clients.

(5) Oracle Apps Implementation Support:
Oracle Apps Implementations are complex, time consuming and involve high costs. BrightStar provides best of breed Oracle Apps DBA services because our experts understand high levels of complexity, offer further specialization, and posses vast experience in real-time implementation of eBusiness Suite projects.

Contact us at info@bslion.in / sales@bslion.in and benefit from our implementation services!


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