Oracle Enterprise Application Maintenance Services


IT is a very important supporting process of any organization. High performance and efficiency of IT infrastructure are essential to support and boost the performance of other core business processes. Efficient functioning of Business applications which are part of IT infrastructure is also highly important as they help in the overall functioning of the organization, popularly known as enterprise application software. Some of the crucial enterprise applications are content management, customer relationship management, automated billing systems, online payment processing, HR management, business Intelligence, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, ERP etc.

Client Issues/Challenges
In the information economy, it is a challenge for an organization to develop and deploy applications, carry out continuous enhancements and to keep abreast of new technologies. Organizations need continuous application support and maintenance to increase overall performance of IT operations. According to research reports, around 70% of the software life-cycle cost allocated goes into application support and maintenance.

BrightStar Enterprise Application Support services
We develop, maintain and support a wide range of applications deployed in enterprises. We manage enterprise applications and ensure successful operations of applications continuously to strengthen the overall IT process. Our Enterprise Application Support services are effective and cost-efficient which help to increase productivity and achieve high operational efficiency. We provide 24/7 coverage.

Our services include: 

  •     Application consulting
  •     24*7 Application monitoring
  •     Application auditing – including Error tracking and debugging
  •     Technical troubleshooting
  •     Application production & operational support
  •     Change management
  •     Application upgrades and enhancements
  •     Quality assurance testing
  •     RCA Analysis
  •     Application load testing and validation
  •     Application backup and & Recovery solutions
  •     Service Reporting and many more……..


Contact us at or visit our business page at to know more about our Enterprise Application Support Services.


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