Enterprise Application Migration ( Oracle EBS, EPM, Fusion Apps )


Ensure the Right Compute for the Right Workload at the Right Economics

In the fast paced business environment Companies need to adopt new technologies, need to upgrade their IT applications,  modernize and restructure their IT infrastructure as required to stay ahead in the race.

Application migration is one of the very important IT processes. The process helps companies upgrade and modernize their IT applications, involves migration from older platforms to newer ones.

Client Challenges/Issues

  • Migrating applications, legacy systems and databases is a complex and challenging process.
  • Optimizing the migration process to yield maximum benefits like lower costs, increased reliability, high efficiency and better performance.
  • Expert application support and maintenance assistance required.

Our Application Migration Services
We provide world class application migration services to clients across the world. Our cost effective application migration and modernization solutions help organizations to make smooth transition from one application to another while mitigating risks.

We enable organizations to manage and structure their IT infrastructure and increase operational efficiency.

  • We also provide support services to current applications
  • Our migration solutions include Data migration, language and OS migration.
  • We provide production and pre-production environment migration support
  • Reduction of down time during the migration process
  • We ensure that the migration process does not impact users
  • Complete data security and prevention of data loss.

Our technical team of qualified professionals having vast experience and expertise can effectively manage your whole application migration process which involves migration of applications; maintenance, analysis, troubleshooting etc and thus helps enhance performance.

Our application migration methodology comprises of 4 steps namely formulating application migration strategy, devising application migration plan, execution, testing and support.

BrightStar Application Migration Offerings:

  •     Code reuse and data migration
  •     Application support and migration of legacy mainframe applications
  •     Mainframe and legacy system Integration
  •     Risk Management
  •     Application platform migration services
  •     Crash testing
  •     Main documentation
  •     Application enhancements
  •     SLA Support services
  •     Maintenance and support of application systems
  •     Technical Support and Help Desk
  •     Continuous improvement as per industry standards.

Contact our Customer Support Team at sales@bslion.in to know more about our Oracle Enterprise Application Migration Services and Solutions! Thank you.


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