Create Profitable Growth in the Competative Market


Utilize Business Intelligence (BI) strategically. Keep loss ratios as low as possible while offering the right products to the right customers. Analyze every aspect of customer behavior and relationships. Empower the entire business to optimize decisions that affect performance and profitability.

Powerful Business Discovery Made Simple

With increased competition, product commoditisation and price pressure, insurance companies are seeking to create differentiated value propositions in their products, while reducing losses and improving efficiencies. Business people in functions such as sales, marketing, finance, underwriting, and claims all drive the bottom line. Profitability depends on ensuring everyone in the insurance company makes optimal decisions.

Using Visual BI solutions, leading insurance companies worldwide can:

  • Analyze customers to uncover new opportunities, identify cross sell potential and improve retention
  • Optimize claims processing and enhance claims service levels
  • Empower underwriting with visibility into policies, premiums, and loss ratios
  • Better assess risk and policy portfolio exposures across products, geographies, and lines of business
  • Monitor sales and insurance agent performance and enable self service analysis to field (remote) personnel
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and uncover fraud through ad-hoc investigation and reporting
  • Optimize operations, improve service levels, and streamline IT

BrightStar Enterprise Consulting specializes in providing visual BI solutions and cxo dashboard n reports using Oracle BI tools. Contact us at to discuss more or visit to know more about us.


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