The Cloud For Finance without Compromise !


BrightStar’s unified cloud Performance Management Solutions are designed & deployed the way your business works

BrightStar Enterprise Consulting is passionate about providing companies with Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence solution geared to their corporate, financial, and operational requirements. Our Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution are innovative, flexible, and powerful. No matter what role or industry you’re in, you’ll always be given a unified EPM software solution that meets your specific needs across multiple processes.


The breadth of enterprise performance management needs is vast. The best way to meet those needs can vary by: the process(es) that most urgently need to be addressed, the industry your business is in, or your role within the business. Unified enterprise performance management software from Oracle is designed to address the varied needs of our customers and users.

By Process
BrightStar EPM solution addresses multiple interrelated performance management processes including budgeting and forecasting, financial consolidation and close, and management and disclosure reporting. Many, but not all, of the processes we cover are listed below-

Financial and Operational Planning – Unify all of your budgeting, planning and forecasting processes and gain a strong understanding of the financial impact of business decisions across strategic, financial, and operational plans, which ensures a more complete view of performance across the business.

Consolidation and Close – Close faster and more efficiently, and manage and control journals, adjustments, inter-company eliminations and reconciliation, and financial reporting with confidence.

Internal and management reporting – Deliver management reports, financial statements, and board books from a single source. Prepare for internal audits with fewer errors, full traceability, and less manual effort.

External reporting and compliance – Improve the quality, accountability, and timing of your financial and disclosure reporting and do it all from one source with full traceability and reduced financial risk. Whether you need to produce a 10-K or 10-Q, XBRL, IFRS, Solvency II, or Basel III it can all be done from one solution with full auditability.

Business Intelligence & Analytics – Take full advantage of the valuable data, insight, and knowledge generated during your financial processes through Oracle BI. Manage complex processes and improve visibility and decision-making with Oracle Business Analytic.

About BrightStar Consulting: BrightStar is a trusted provider of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence solution using Oracle for budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, close, reporting, disclosure and more. Do visit our business page at or feel free to contact us at today.


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