Deploying Oracle Applications with BrightStar Experts


BrightStar Experts help you maximize the effectiveness of your Oracle Applications with services ranging from discovery and architecture services to upgrades and optimization services.

BrightStar provides expertise—paired with comprehensive solution knowledge and tools—to improve business and IT capabilities and accelerate time to value to the next-generation of Oracle applications. BrightStar delivers value across the full solution life-cycle with customer-led engagements, ranging from limited-scope projects to fixed-price, multiple-year projects.

Our portfolio includes services for:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Hyperion Suite
  • Oracle Fusion Apps Suite
  • DBA Services

Key Benefits

BrightStar Consulting is focused exclusively on Oracle solutions. We assist and help you keep your software investments current with the latest release, your organization benefits from the most up-to-date features and functionality and allows you to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace. This helps customers:

  • Accelerate time to value with less risk
  • Receive maximum value on your Oracle investments
  • Deliver faster adoption of the latest in Oracle Applications features and functionality

Services for Application – BrightStar Enterprise Consulting helps you take maximum advantage of Oracle Applications to enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

+ Discovery Services – Our application experts can help identify opportunities to measure and streamline business process and IT capabilities to support initial upgrade planning activities while also providing insights to improve capability, usability, functionality, and performance. Experts also implement leading industry practices within your industry in between major upgrade initiatives. (E-business, Hyperion, Fusion apps)

+ Architecture and Planning Services – Our architects provide expertise across the entire Oracle technology footprint—from applications to systems. For Oracle Applications, our architects offer strategic planning, leading industry practices, application architecture, business use case, business process optimization, and change management solutions for successful business transformation. Expertise includes IT portfolio rationalization, enterprise resource planning, customer experience, and Oracle Fusion Applications.

+ Implementation Services – application implementation services address the unique complexities of your organization and industry. Implementation offerings are tailored for industry verticals in financial services, healthcare and life sciences, higher education, manufacturing and distribution, retail, communications, and the public sector space. Regardless of your industry, you can achieve superior and predictable business outcomes.

+ Upgrades – We help you complete your upgrade in the fastest, most economical, lowest-risk manner possible. Experts have combined years of solution expertise to create best-in-class methodologies and tools to simplify the application upgrade process on-premise or in the cloud.

+ Application Customization – we enable customers to customize application to their needs as per the company business model and help them have look and feel of applications which brings better ROI and user satisfaction.

+ Optimization – We enable customers to optimize their Oracle solutions in between upgrades by providing a fully tested and documented architecture that’s ideal for upgrading and consolidating Oracle’s integrated suite of global business applications. Our optimization services focus on usability including user experience, process optimization and efficiency, functionality, and performance of your application platform.

To learn more about BrightStar Enterprise Consulting services, contact our representative at / or visit


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