Oracle Application Express (APEX) – Offshore Development Services

From idea to innovative solution -We take an idea, do research, make a great design and do the development towards the perfect solution


Oracle Application Express (APEX) is free tool included with every Oracle database for the rapid development of web and mobile applications.

BrightStar team can analyze, design and create efficient workflows to build effective applications. We can also host and support your application onsite or cloud based giving you low cost, no hassle workflow application. BrightStar has a team of developers ready to delivery solutions at competitive price using APEX.

Oracle APEX is a free a rapid web application development tool of the Oracle Database allowing developers to build data-centric, secure web applications.

The APEX framework provides all the components of a software development life-cycle that can involve business users in an agile development approach. The environment is completely web based for all functions including support. The many components of the framework include:

APEX Development: Here are the benefits and reasons why you should consider adopting/ using this development environment:

  • Applications can be developed rapidly from 1 week – 1 month
  • Fully supported by Oracle
  • Easily integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite and other systems
  • Applications are secure, scalable and low maintenance
  • Easy collaboration within organisation with cloud based application. No more emailing spreadsheets around.
  • Improved data integrity & control. Your data is captured and accessible from a central place. You can decided who can see what using very robust built in authorization schemes.
  • Data is managed and easily shared, which helps in reducing cost of data maintenance.
  • Useful as low cost reporting solution with flexible reporting architecture

Oracle Application Express integrated with standard ERP systems such as E-Business Suite to provide extensions such as:

  • Forms and reports that can be integrated with the Oracle E-Business data schema.
  • Flexible authentication model that can support the E-Business Suite security model.
  • Usage of E-Business Suite menus to link directly to APEX reports and forms.
  • Usage of APEX to call E-Business Suite APIs directly, such as sales order import.
  • Replacement of Oracle Discoverer to provide a better reporting solution.

APEX applications are perfect for data centric and departmental solutions with low cost reporting solutions. The framework provides a more robust and scalable architecture than using spreadsheets and faster development than with forms and reports.

Contact BrightStar to obtain a competitive quote and find out how we can help your organization make the move to APEX. Mail us at / We will be happy to assist and deliver the most cost effective solution through our two development centers based out of Pune/India and Bucharest/Romania. ( Visit to know more about our services )

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