Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)


Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is a leading Java EE framework for building Rich Enterprise Applications. It is Oracle’s recommended replacement for Oracle Forms and allows organizations to develop robust applications with high levels of functionality by using the templates in the framework. This includes web, Mobile, and Desktop focused applications.

BrightStar has expertise in ADF framework, and how to architect applications that perform well in enterprise environments. We have been developing applications in Oracle’s preferred Integrated Development Environment’s (IDE) such as JDeveloper and Eclipse, since the early stages of the tools inception. Our Oracle consultants are proficient in web development, databases, Web Services, portals, and user interfaces to ensure your applications are properly designed, consistent, easy to use, easy to support, secure, efficient, and of the highest code quality.

Each of our ADF applications goes through Java EE code quality reviews to protect our clients from introducing poor quality code, spaghetti code, or buggy code. We employ early testing cycles and user validation techniques to ensure defects are identified and rectified early in the software life cycle.

Some of the areas we have helped customers with their ADF implementations include:

  • Rich Internet Application Development. User Interfaces with Extreme Functionality!
  • Web 2.0 Enablement. Includes integration into Collaboration, document management, content management, Social Computing, and Cloud Providers
  • Mash-ups with other data sources, such as Google, Sales Force, Yahoo, and Web Services
  • Usability Design and Reviews
  • ADF Training and Mentoring
  • Oracle Forms to ADF Conversion and Migrations
  • Web Service integration
  • ADF Integration to Enterprise Systems (ERP, BI, Hyperion, Warehouse, CRM, IDM)
  • Customizations using AJAX, DHTML, XML, JavaBeans, JSP, JSF, Struts,
  • Agile Methodology for incremental, parallel, and rapid development
  • ADF Proof of Concept and Prototyping

BrightStar specializes in also helping customers implement performance optimization, tuning, and efficiency of ADF applications.  Contact us today << | >> for a performance assessment of your ADF applications and environment.


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