Add Power Performance to Your ERP Engine!


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Oracle of Oracle – Add Power Performance to Your ERP Engine!
In the past, ERP received the core attention of IT. That has changed in recent years for two reasons. For starters, IT has a lot more to absorb these days and ERP has taken a back seat. Secondly, ERP systems are successfully running in the background.

The ERP Engine
Think of ERP as the engine of a car. It’s still the core of the car, but people care much more about the bells and whistles than the engine. What you see today in cars are multimedia centers and cool new gadgets designed to improve the user experience. People don’t really think about the German engine that powers the car.

They just want to know “what’s in it for us” as far as fuel efficiency. The problem is that IT organizations realize that there is a lot of demand from their users and their business to focus on innovation. But let’s take one more look at the car analogy. Think of your ERP as your car, and ERP is responsible for running your business and if you have a certain budget, amount of resources and time to take care of your car.

Let’s say you have a $1,000 a month to maintain your car – and of which, just taking care of the engine cost $900; and yet, because ERP receives backstage type of attention, people don’t appreciate it. “It needs to do what it needs to do.” Replacing the engine – the ERP – with a newly release state – of – the – art engine is not such an easy thing. In ERP systems, there are so many dependencies. It takes years to get the ROI on it.

ERP Bells and Whistles
The attention from the innovation typically comes from two areas. One is from those bells and whistles – people are interested in the new, snazzy dashboard. The mobility, all the sensors and all the rest. The same goes with ERP – adding support for mobile devices – tablets and smartphones, so the workforce on the road has access to enterprise resources. They need to be securely connected and it needs to be fast. With all these efforts, you still have your budget to deal with – you still have to run that engine. That engine costs money due to upgrades and patches.

So You Can Focus on Innovation
Now this is where an experienced team of ours comes to the rescue! Given the resources and the budget constraints that you have, it helps you significantly cut the time, effort and costs that it takes you to run the engine. So that frees up resources and time so you can focus on innovation, it lets you focus on the stuff that is above the water line – the stuff that you’re going to get credit for.

Management doesn’t give you credit for patches, small upgrades and making things not break! But you do get credit for innovating above the water line. So how do you, Mr. IT, become the hero of the users? By injecting them with innovation.

Let BrightStar’s Expert Consulting Team help you cut risk and cost on your EBS patching.

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