Enterprise Architecture for Strong Organizations


A Better Way to Plan, Execute and Manage Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a structured approach to innovate your organization, align business and IT, and become more agile. You have deep insight, and reduce IT risks and costs.

Drive change and innovation

A lot of organizations are lacking flexibility to support business transformation. Processes and IT landscapes are rigid and complex, and insight into the organizational structure is limited. This makes it hard to reduce costs, make grounded investment decisions, govern IT, and manage risks and compliance. Furthermore, communication with stakeholders is often cumbersome.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

To drive organizational change and innovation, people need a structured approach, a language and the tools to get strategic insight into the organization. Enterprise Architecture captures and visualizes the different business and IT domains, and their relationships. Enterprise Architecture facilitates change impact analysis, and helps you to communicate between different stakeholders and departments.


  1. Innovate the organization and improve quality, reduce costs, and increase agility
  2. Align Business and IT by translating strategy into change
  3. Strategic insight into your organization and its complex dependencies
  4. Structured transformation planning with change impact analysis
  5. Increase stakeholder support with clear communication
  6. Improve IT management by reducing complexity

Enterprise Architecture Management by BrightStar Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise Architecture Management is a comprehensive, integrated, and flexible approach to Enterprise Architecture by BrightStar, consisting of:

  • Structured methods for implementing and using EA, e.g. TOGAF
  • Consistent modeling language for mutual understanding and clear communication between different stakeholders
  • Software tool for fast and clear modeling, analyzing and visualizing architectures
  • Consultancy and Training

Do you need our help? Please contact us at info@bslion.in or visit our business page at www.bslion.in to know more about us. Thank you.


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