BrightStar Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Services


BrightStar’s Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Service Experts

BrightStar provides full support for E-Business Suite covering both Functional and Technical expertise including systems administration, interface management and reporting all delivered as a remote service – or a flexible support model tailored to particular customer need.

We manage E-Business Suite implementations for over 60 enterprise organizations across a very broad range of sectors providing a 24 x 7 x 365 always-on experience for business users around the world. We are responsible for some of the largest European implementations of E-Business Suite and support core business operations including Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, Order Management, Project Planning, Clinical, HR and Payroll in complex highly regulated industries.

Oracle E-Business Suite helps you get the most out of your business by streamlining the management of business data. BrightStar’s Managed Services ensures that you get maximum value out of Oracle E-Business Suite. BrightStar provides a complete hosting and software management service that gives direct access to Oracle product, support, and software management experts who can help solve problems and introduce new product capabilities. With BrightStar Managed Services, you can maximize the value of your IT organization by enabling your staff to focus on high-value activities while BrightStar Oracle experts maintain the Oracle software.

Core Services Designed Specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite

BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services offers enhanced security and compliance of the E-Business Suite application as well as improved system scalability, performance, and availability. It also provides change management services, including product updates and upgrade processes that are engineered to give you access to the latest product innovations and capabilities.

Choose the Best Services for Your Business

BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services lets you choose which services you need to get the most out of your Oracle software. For a predictable per-user, per-month fee, BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services can be tailored specifically for your business. BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services range from assessments to planning to continuous improvement of any or all of the core service areas. BrightStar can provide and manage the hardware in a BrightStar data center or in your own or a third-party data center.

E-Business Suite Managed Service Features

  • Functional and Technical support from system administration to interface management and reporting
  • Development and customization of forms, reports, procedures and workflows
  • Full end-to-end business process functional support
  • Database object management, patching, DR maintenance, cloning and backups
  • Single point of contact Service Desk
  • ITIL Incident, Problem and Change Management processes
  • Monitoring Service
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Patching and Security Management
  • Customizable Service Level Agreements up to 24x7x365 meet your business needs
  • Commitment to Continual Service Improvement

Why Choose BrightStar as your E-Business Suite Managed Service Partner?

  • Oracle Certified and Experienced Teams in Europe and Asia – BrightStar has well certified and experienced Oracle E-Business Suite capabilities in Europe, Asia and America composed off certified Functional, Technical and DBA consultants bringing a breadth and depth of expertise unrivalled in the marketplace.
  • Continual Service Improvement – Focus on eliminating causes rather than symptoms delivering maximum benefit for business users, improving operational efficiency and redefining the focus of support to the enablement of new services and competitive advantage.
  • Active E-Business Suite User Group and Community – Run by E-Business Suite users for E-Business Suite users fostering the sharing of new ideas and initiatives in the E-Business Suite space.
  • Integrated Advice – BrightStar’s strong team brings expert capability across the entire technology stack including. We understand the inter-dependencies of your E-Business Suite environment with the varying layers of your IT estate – infrastructure, Cloud, database, applications and business intelligence and can provide end to end technical expertise across the entire technology stack.

Value added services to meet your emerging business challenges

  • Business Transformation (planning and change management of upgrades and new developments)
  • Implementation and enhancement services, solutions and consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Systems Integration
  • Software License Optimization

With locations throughout North America, South America, Europe, and India, BrightStar delivers Enterprise Business solutions and information systems, and support to clients worldwide. To learn more about this service, please visit , email or call +1-415-985-STAR (USA) | +91-9823-005326 (IND) to speak to a representative.




BrightStar – Oracle Enterprise Application Services


We provide the winning edge to our clients by leveraging our Oracle Cloud product expertise coupled with our rich domain/ sector experience. Our objective is to help our clients extract maximum value from their Oracle investments.

We understand that every business is unique and specialize in providing fit-for-purpose services and solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, delivering a low Total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximum Return on investment (ROI) .

We aim to be a full service provider, a one-stop-shop to our clients for all their Oracle Cloud products and services related needs and requirements.

(1) Application Support Services:

We have been providing Application Maintenance & Support services to various industries. Our service model is designed to ensure availability of systems for use, reduce maintenance and support efforts, improve scalability and increase throughput by improving productivity over time.

Our in-depth business knowledge and a great talent pool enables us to provide services aimed at improving ‘Business-to-IT’ connect of our client’s IT portfolios.

Our suite of Application Maintenance & Support services include:
(+) 24X7 Support
(+) Onsite/ Nearshore/ Offshore
(+) Shared Service Support
(+) All level of Support (L1,L2,L3)
(+) Business Continuity Plan
(+) Infrastructure & Database Support
(+) Development Support
(+) Application enhancement
(+) Upgrade of application platforms
(+) Application Database Migration


(2) Application Maintenance Services:

We understand that application maintenance is most critical part of your Business, hence we have designed our Global Delivery Model to leverage our process maturity on application knowledge transition, problem management, enhancement request management, service level management and thus deliver significant operating cost benefits to customers.

Our Application Maintenance services include:
(+) New Feature implementation
(+) Configuration Management
(+) Troubleshooting and bug fixing
(+) Performance improvement.
(+) Change Implementation, code review and Testing.

Our clients stand to gain from their business association with BrightStar because of the following reasons:
(+) Reduce total cost of ownership – 22 to 32% in 1st year and further 15 to 18% in steady state
(+) Passing on year-on-year productivity gains
(+) Improve application stability and performance
(+) SLA based engagement model

(3) Application Upgrade Services:

Our Upgrade Services uses best-in-class methodology and standardized tools to simplify the application upgrade process on-premise or in the cloud. With Oracle Upgrade capabilities, our experts help you complete the upgrade faster with lower cost and risk.

In addition, Our years of upgrade expertise, allows your organization to take advantage of business process guides, configuration guides, reusable test scripts, reusable project asset repositories, and Oracle productivity tools that will allow you to save time and money on your next application upgrade.

Key Feature/ Steps:
(+) Current State Analysis
(+) New Release Capabilities
(+) Upgrade Roadmap
(+) Impact Analysis
(+) Pre-defined Processes
(+) Automated Tools
(+) Risk Mitigation
(+) Upgrade Readiness
(+) Fixed Scope

Key Benefits of having BrightStar as your Migration Partner:

Based on more than 500 man Years of combined experience of our solution expertise, and use of our Rapid upgrade methodology which includes New versions Walk-through at beginning of the project help your organization:

(+) Accelerate time to value with less risk
(+) Improve delivery efficiency
(+) Lower costs through automated processes
(+) Deliver faster adoption of the latest features and functionality
(+) Shorter and flexible upgrade project cycles for our Customers.
(+) Use of modern Tools and accelerators for upgrade to reduce overall upgrade time.
(+) Standardized test scenarios with proven testing methodology.

Who Are We
We are a global enterprise application services provider with core competencies in Oracle Cloud solutions. Our comprehensive service offering spans the entire technology stack and includes Consulting, Implementation, Development, Testing, Education, UPK and Cloud and Managed Services.

For any of your need, please contact Us at +91-9823.00.5326 (Asia) / +1-415-569-STAR (Americas or write to us at or visit our business page at to know more…



BrightStar Cloud Application Development


Cloud Application Development

In a rapidly changing technology environment, business users are looking at simple and secure applications that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere and on any device. These applications should be engaging, integrated, mobile compatible, available on net and cloud based.

Bright*Star is a proponent & early adopter of cloud platform. With highly skilled engineers, we help clients in selecting the best cloud computing model (public, private or hybrid) and platform type (Azure, Amazon, or Google App Engine). We develop new cloud apps, customize or migrate existing applications and post-implementation model provides a roadmap for clients in managing their applications and infrastructure.
Our Cloud Application Development offerings and expertise include:

Cloud Offerings:

  • Cloud Assessment Consulting
    Cloud Application Development
    Cloud Application Migration
    Cloud Application Integration

For any of our services, feel free to contact our Experts or See more at: or contact us at /

Oracle – The Best Choice for Modern ERP Cloud Solution


C L O U D   D E L I V E R S 2 . 1   T I M E S    M O R E    R O I

Oracle delivers a single ERP cloud that is enterprise-grade and ready to grow your business today. It’s built upon a robust union of platform, applications and approach utilizing financial, procurement, project portfolio, and enterprise performance management.

Our platform and applications characteristics are:

Modern Standards-Based Platform

  1. Oracle leverages this fundamental, up-front design principle to deliver:
  2. Security and Scalability
  3. Integration and Connectivity
  4. Personalization
  5. Business Development Tools

Modern Best Practice-Based Applications

  1. ERP cloud applications combine modern technology, best practices and connectivity with knowledge from decades of on-premises ERP.
  2. 21st Century Global Accounting
  3. Embedded Analytics and Reporting
  4. Native Social Collaboration
  5. User Experience

Modern Innovative Approach

  1. There is economic benefit when you modernize ERP in the cloud. Oracle and its partners offer tools to determine the financial advantages of a cloud ERP project and services to ensure a successful implementation.
  2. ROI Calculator
  3. Guide, Plan and Stage (GPS) process with Oracle Consulting
  4. Cloud Marketplace

In fact, Oracle ERP Cloud affords customers substantial savings in an operating expense rather than capital expense model.

How to Get Started with your ERP Modernization

BrightStar Oracle team are ready to get you started on your journey to ERP 2.0—the modern ERP cloud that is rapidly becoming the foundation for business growth and success.

Any organization can leverage the benefits of Oracle’s ERP Cloud:

  • Current Oracle ERP on-premises customer—Explore Oracle’s Customer 2 Cloud program which helps you migrate to or add more capabilities in the cloud and can often recycle your existing ERP seat licenses into cloud subscriptions.
  • Companies using on-premises ERP from another vendor—Learn about migrating from or enhancing capabilities with any other system, and how Oracle’s breadth of cloud offerings move your business forward.
  • Companies with no ERP—Regardless of size, you have the opportunity with Oracle and its partners to deploy a clean-sheet cloud ERP strategy aligned to your business goals using modern best practices.

Start your journey to Oracle ERP Cloud. Contact BrightStar team at or call us at




The 9 Specific Things We Did To Build A $100M Business In 3 Years

The most impactful things we did in the early days at BigCommerce (2009–2012) to grow the company from nothing to a $100M valuation.

During an interview last week I was asked to talk about the most impactful things we did in the early days at BigCommerce (2009–2012) to grow the company from nothing to a $100M valuation during that time, so I thought I’d share my speaking notes here to help other founders on their journey.

Invest In Design As A Differentiator

  • Every business has some element of design that can be used as a competitive advantage to get new customers or employees
  • What is the first impression potential customers get when they experience your brand? (reception area, website, etc)
  • Think about your customer experience and how you can improve that with efficient design

Be Tied To Your Vision, But Not Your Approach

  • Be open to new ways of accomplishing a goal?—?even if those ideas aren’t yours
  • Look at what your competitors and companies in other industries are doing and apply what’s working to your business
  • “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”?—?if something is important, make sure it’s being measured

Not All Customers Are Created Equally

  • Understand who your “perfect customer” is
  • Reallocate your marketing budget to get your message in front of more people who look like your perfect customer
  • Team your team how to recognize (lead score) potential perfect customers and reach out to them first

Don’t Plan More Than 18 Months Out

  • If you’re growing fast, your company will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 18 months from now
  • You will probably have to replace your leadership team more than once over the next few years?—?and that’s OK
  • Hire for where you want to take the company over the next 18 months?—?not 2/5/10 years

Don’t Rely On A Single Marketing Channel

  • Understand the pros and cons of different marketing channels, especially online
  • Get something working in one marketing channel and then test it across other marketing channels
  • If it works on other channels, split your budget between those channels so you’re not reliant on a single source of leads or customers

Bonus Your Team Based On Customer Success

  • The customer needs to be at the center of every decision your team makes, especially your leadership team
  • The best way to incentivize people is to tie a part of their bonus (50%) to a customer success metric
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been the most effective for me?—?increased NPS from 12 to 65 in 18 months as a result
  • Start measuring your NPS using Drift
  • Set quarterly goals for your leadership team to increase your NPS from X to Y
  • Attribute 25%-50% of your leadership team’s compensation to a customer success metric such as NPS

Focus On Market Opportunity, Not Competitors

  • Don’t react or change your strategy based on a knee-jerk reaction to something a competitor does
  • If you focus on making your customers happier over time, the rest will take care of itself
  • Lead by example?—?obsess over your customers and teach your team to do the same

Listen To Your Gut When It Comes To Hiring

  • If your gut tells you not to hire someone and you can’t explain why, then don’t hire them
  • Back channel reference one of their previous bosses, peers and direct reports to get a real understanding of their character
  • Take them to dinner with their partner and see how they communicate with each other

You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

  • If you have multiple products/services but no “break out hit” then focus on making one excellent in the short term
  • Figure out which of your products/services will help your customers the most and go “all in” on that at first
  • Determine which customer segment your product/service is best suited for and focus your marketing to appeal to them

What will IoT mean to most enterprises?

Interview of Mr Siddhartha Agarwal by Tom Haunert. (Oracle mag)

Eight zetabytes of data are coming from tens of millions of devices. Where are you going to put the data, and what are you going to do with it?

Siddhartha Agarwal, vice president of product management and strategy for Oracle Cloud Platform and Oracle Fusion Middleware, talked with Oracle Magazine about the Internet of Things (IoT), strategies for managing IoT data, and features of Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service that will put IoT data to work for you.

Oracle Magazine: The Internet of Things includes billions of information-gathering devices, but what will IoT mean to most enterprises?

Mr. Agarwal: While the early focus of IoT has been on consumer-driven use cases such as internet gadgets, smartwatches, and connected cars, enterprise verticals such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and utilities will see a bigger and faster return on investment from IoT.

IoT will provide these business segments with more-valuable information about their products, how they perform, and how they are being used. This information will drive insights into what they need to support the development of new products, services, and business models. IoT in the enterprise is a broad space with incredible new opportunities for managing, analyzing, and acting on the volume, variety, and velocity of data being generated by various devices.

IoT for the enterprise also provides the ability to connect the operations technology [OT] world of systems technology residing on the manufacturing plant floor to the IT world of back-end business applications and processes. Manufacturing today is mostly driven by manual processes and reactive controls. When something goes wrong, that condition is typically detected by humans, who then fill out paperwork, which then gets manually entered into business applications to trigger a remedial workflow. IoT changes the current worlds of OT and IT by automating monitoring and control and efficiently bridging those worlds.

Oracle Magazine: What is Oracle’s IoT strategy?

Agarwal: Oracle looks at IoT from the business applications out instead of from edge devices in. Other vendors look at device connectivity, then apply some analytics and leave it to someone else to worry about integrating everything with business systems. The Oracle strategy is to help extend the reach of business applications to devices, get insights from these devices that can be leveraged to drive actions inside the business applications, and have these applications act securely upon the devices.

In addition, Oracle’s IoT strategy gives businesses the ability to build rich mobile front ends to drive actions in the field, such as process automation to kick off complex business processes across multiple apps, big data analytics on the data, and a secure interaction between business apps and the edge devices. This strategy is also enabling Oracle customers to get value from IoT in short bursts of three to four months rather than one big-bang-style 12- to 18-month IoT project.

Oracle Magazine: What is Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service?

Agarwal: Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service is a cloud-based, platform-as-a-service [PaaS] offering that enables customers to securely connect to any device generating data, perform real-time and predictive analytics on device data, and extend business processes within enterprise applications.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service delivers the ability to collect device data being streamed in very large volumes and make real-time decisions close to the edge. It also gives you a virtual representation of devices, so users can interact with devices without needing to know how to program them.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service also provides predictive analytics and pattern matching out of the box to enable real-time decisions on complex metrics. To extend the value of IoT data, Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service is also integrated with many other Oracle Cloud services, such as Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

And finally, Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service does an excellent job bridging that disconnect that I mentioned earlier between the OT and IT worlds with prebuilt integrations for both on-premises and SaaS [software as a service] applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s JD Edwards, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Oracle Service Cloud, as well as non-Oracle applications.

And because of the integration with Oracle PaaS, SaaS, and on-premises Oracle apps, Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service empowers companies to unlock even greater business value from the many Oracle technologies and applications they already rely on to run their businesses.